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10+ Instagram pics of Kainat Arora will make you fall in love with her

Born on 2nd of December this 35 year old Bollywood girl is one of the gorgeous actresses in the industry. She gain popularity in Bollywood from the Bollywood movie Grand Masti. Before this she has appeared in movies like Khatta Meetha, Mankatha etc.

She has always been in discussion for multiple reasons, either for her looks or for connection with famous Bollywood actress Divya Bharti. Recently she went viral on social media for her beautiful police officer look for some Punjabi movie.

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Love to hate me, praise me, shame me Either way, you talk about me? Oh-oh, I love the way you talk about me? Oh-oh, look at how far it got me? Oh-oh, the shit the papers write about me⚡️? Oh-oh, I fold it up like origami? Oh-oh, like, "She ain't wearing no clothes" Oh-oh, "When she goin' solo?" Oh-oh, "I bet they gonna break up" Oh-oh, but what the hell do you know? Ooh, baby, ooh (Yes, you) I can feel you hatin' on me? Ooh, baby, ooh (Yeah, you) I'm glad to be your inspiration? Who, baby, who's (Guess who) The topic of your conversation, I am (I am)? All the ugly things you say Come and say 'em to my face? Stick like toffee, sip like coffee Wake up, change your mind and drop me? Love to hate me, crazy, shady.. Spit me out ,like hot wasabi.. Lick me up, I'm sweet and salty.. Mix it up and down my body.. Love to hate me, praise me, shame me Either way, you talk about me Oh-oh, watching me Oh-oh, I ain't watching you (I'm watching you) ?

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