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Meet the most attractive man on the planet all the way from India

Rohit Khandelwal is a name that may not sound so well known, but this model and actor from India has been titled as the most beautiful man on earth, winning the much sought after contest MisterMundo in its edition of 2016 .

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"Pursue your DREAMS, Raise your SELF-ESTEEM, Have FAITH in your abilities and Show power to the GRATITUDE Unseen" "The quote I would never forget, arriving to the city of dreams mumbai with a dream of becoming an actor, From Cst station to Malad West jankalyan nagar arriving in style in auto with bag full of clothes(waist 36) sharing living with 5 in a 2 bhk from Malad to today Prabhadevi have seen so much of life and lessons in mumbai which I would never call as struggle but an opportunity to learn and evolve my personality. Everything we face in our life only makes you stronger and helps to deal with situations easily later if you take it as an opportunity. Somehow first thing I did reaching mumbai is writing this beautiful quote on the sliding window with a permanent marker.The Place changed from Malad to Prabhadevi but the thoughts written had permanently stayed in my heart and soul ? Good morning have a wonderful day ! Picture courtesy : @shreyansdungarwal Styled by : @d_devraj Assistant stylist: @aimy_19 Suit by : @primaczar thank you Ravi !

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” I feel fortunate and honored to have been elected Mister World 2016. I would like to thank all the people who have given me their blessings. His love and support have been my inspiration “, we can say that it is the masculine version of the famous phrase used by beautiful ladies:” I feel blessed and fortunate “.

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Last night was another memorable milestone of my life when I was awarded as ' Pride of India ' . In that moment I felt a rush of pride, perseverance and practice. Some went to sleep, some stayed there… Me, I head straight to my zone of hustle, Cause practice my friends is the hardest part of learning, but training is the essence of transformation. And I've said this before and will say it again No matter what, Never ever lose hope. Storms make people stronger and never last forever; and when you come out of it you won't be the same person who walked in. That's what this storm is all about, that's what this wonderful life is all about. And even if that storm drives you to madness, you take it head on with a smile. Picture clicked by My Hyderabadi folk @shreyansdungarwal Next time even more ripped shot bro ?? Special thanks to @shivohamofficial @smaaashshivfit for coming up with such Amazing place it's Just like being at home ?

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47 youngsters from different countries of the planet competed, but the triumph was for the young model of 26 years . For the first time a representative from India takes the prize.

If you are still not convince with the previous photo, check out these :

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Never let hard lessons harden your heart; it's the hard lessons of life are meant to make you better, not bitter. In my recent visit to vadodra I was welcomed by the owner of the place with immense respect and a smile that's still etched in my heart. A wonderful lady who looked like she'd been through a lot of struggles in life but sailed through it beautifully. At first glance I was intrigued by her dedicated interest towards the event but soon within conversations I realised that the elderly lady while holding onto her conservative values had upgraded her thoughts to challenge & change her real world. She truly inspired me with her hardworking vibes, never give up attitude, Accept the Ups and downs in life, & Always be ready for any obstacles in life. And this little motivation is for all of you reading ; 15 years back she was working for somebody else for a mere 600 Rs. Today she is the owner of several hotels and malls across Gujrat. Yes, isn't that amazing. Inspiration is always around the corner one just has to be willing to hear and meet such Look around you and you'll realise there are such Fantastic examples, who will give you reasons to never ever give up! Picture credit : @karthikmuralidhar

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