The world’s most expensive vegetable, one kg costs ₹85,000

World’s most expensive vegetable : Often we go to the vegetable market and bargain in purchases. We feel happy when 5 or 10 rupees are reduced in one vegetable or the other. On the other hand, when the prices of onion or tomato suddenly start touching the sky, then the budget of the kitchen goes awry. If a vegetable crosses the price of Rs 200 per kg, then a lot of memes start being made on it. But what if we tell you that there is a vegetable which costs Rs 85,000 per kg.

85,000..we will be blown away on hearing this price. Either we will find it funny or it will be unbelievable. But this thing is completely true. We are referring to a vegetable named ‘Hop Shoots’. And its flower is called ‘Hop Cones’ which is used in making beer. This vegetable is found in European countries, although reports also say that earlier it was grown in Himachal Pradesh. Growing hop shoots is no easy task. It takes about three years from planting till harvesting. It is also very difficult to break it, it takes a lot of effort to break the small bulb shaped vegetable.

It is very rich in nutrients. Many types of antibiotic properties are found in it and for this reason it is also used in herbs. From toothache, it is also used in making medicines for diseases like TB and cancer. Apart from this, many types of dishes are made from this vegetable, it is also eaten like a raw salad and its pickle is also made. It is considered to be the most expensive vegetable in the world and its price in foreign countries is around 1000 Euros per kg which is 85 thousand in Indian currency. In different countries, it is sold from 80 thousand to 1 lakh. It can be said for this vegetable that it is more expensive than gold and for this you may have to take a loan from the bank.

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