This 44 Year Old Man Is Baap of all Online Comedians – An Engineer Too

I am talking about the guy who entertain the audiences by impersonating world famous celebrities in a hilarious way. He is famous on the internet for doing stupid things in his daily life just like Mr Bean. He is known by his online name JUST SUL. Sul is a 43 year-old Mechanical & Electrical engineer from Mumbai, India. He moved to Lusaka, Zambia and has lived there for about 17 years working with his friend’s father. He continues to work as an engineer, and make comedy videos with his friends. He is very popular on social media and has 2.3 million follower on Instagram.

He is a average looking guy but the way he impersonates celebrities is worth watching. From the world famous female model or celebrity Kylie Jenner to fitness model Lazor Angelov he has tried to copy many celebrities that will you go ROFL.

Take a look at some of his latest Instagram posts below :

The Indian Guy Impersonating Hollywood Celebrities.


What you want say about him ? Have you seen any guy as cool as him. Comment your thoughts below. Share this with your friends.

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