This Is How Diwali Is Celebrated Across The World Check These Beautiful Pictures

Yesterday we have celebrated Diwali with lots of joy and fun. Diwali is known to be festival of lights. It is one of the major festivals of Indians that we celebrate with lots of excitement. We exchange gifts and sweets with our dear ones and burns crackers. It is celebrated on the day when Lord Rama comes back to his kingdom in Ayodhya.

As we all know that the Diwali is the festival on India. But it is celebrated worldwide as same verve as India. Not only they celebrate but also has declared that day as their National Holiday. This is a proud moment for Indians.

Here I am sharing pictures from 10 countries that had celebrated Diwali. Let’s take a look at these beautiful pictures.

1. Nepal

This neighbour country has same Hindu culture like India. They celebrate Diwali that is known as “Tihar” of “Swanti” that last for 5 days. It ends with Bhai-Tika which is similar to India’s Bhai Dooj.

2. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka holds the major role in this festival. As the devil on which The Lord Rama has got victory was the king of Lanka. Sri Lankan’s celebrates Diwali with almost same tradition. They starts their Diwali with Oil-Bathing, wear new clothes and perform Puja.

3. Indonesia

It is one of the major festival of the country. This is because Hindu is big part of population there. It is celebrated for almost 10 days. Diwali is known as “Galungan” in Indonesia.

4. Thailand

The peoples of Thailand celebrates Diwali with so much fun. Here Diwali is celebrated with lamps made from Banana leaves. The festival here is known as “Lam Kriyongh” and the lamps with coins and incense are set free to float in the closest river.

5. Malaysia

Hindus are also located there and living a peaceful life. They celebrate Diwali with same tradition like we Indians do. They wears new clothes and decorate their houses with Lights and Diyas. They also do Lakshmi Pooja.

6. Canada

As we know a lots of Punjabis are living in Canada that is why we call it Mini Punjab. They celebrate Diwali with lots of joy.

7. Singapore

Singapore is an island where a lots of Indians are located specially Tamils. It is national holiday there. Harbour and skyscrapers wrapped in lights looks so awesome that is worth to watch it. You would be amused to come across the smell of Indian sweets at every yard and fuljharis talking to the air everywhere. It’s as vibrant as a fairyland.

8. Japan

Believe it or not but yeah Diwali is also celebrated in Japan. Japan celebrated Diwali with the same feel as we Indians do. They also organize dance show on this eve.

9. Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

Diwali is celebrated in a huge style in Trinidad and Tobago as Half of the population here is Indians. They celebrate this festival by cooking nice food and do Lakshmi Puja. The city is decorated with lots of lights that looks awesome.

10. Mauritius

Last but not the least Diwali is also celebrated in Mauritius by Hindus. It is a big festival there celebrated for 5 days.

These are not the only countries, Diwali is also celebrated in a big way in UK, US, Australia, Sindh province of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, New Zealand, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Guyana, Netherlands and Ireland.

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