10 Interesting Photos From Japan That will Amaze You

Japan, The land of rising sun is a country where ancient traditions is fused with modern life. Japan is much ahead from most of the countries in term of tech. They got various techniques to make the daily life much easier. Japanese peoples are wonder, they live life like no one can imagine. Lets check out some of their weird and beautiful inventions, daily life that is going to make you feel OMG!

1. The food in Japanese Hospital is like they are made by a professional restaurant cook.

2. Statbility of Bullet trains in Japan is unbelievable.

3. They prove Unity is Strength. Peoples in Tokyo pushed a train car to save a women who fell and got stuck between the car and platform.

4. Koi fishes lives in Drainage Channels in Japan

5. You can rotate the seats in directions in trains.

6. Umbrella Lockers.

7. Japanese deer’s politeness.

8. Toreiyu Tsubasa Train In Japan Is Equipped With Footbaths So You Can Enjoy A Relaxing Trip.

9. Parking Level
10.  There is a video game in Japan that you can play with your pee.
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