10 Things You Can Relate To If You Have A Kanjoos Friend

We surely have various characters in our squad, but the most irritating one is that kanjoos friend who wants everything to be lavish but does not agree to shell out money when he/she hears the expense. They are made up of some another soil altogether and barely possess common sense or vehvarik gyaan. Here are the signs.

Following are the 10 Things You Can Relate To If You Have A Kanjoos Friend

1) Orders the cheapest dish during dinners !

They think they are too smart and others wont figure out that they are trying to save up. Honestly! Who on earth compromises with food. Also, at the end of the dinner they will be like “ I will simply pay for my dish!” They mean the one bottle of water they gulped down to fool the stomach.

2) The fake “ hand going to the wallet ”

They are pros at it. All they wait for is to do this fake drama that they too are willing to contribute. But do it so late that everyone else has given the money.

3) When offered food they barely say no !

Let’s say it’s a good job to feed but then not ordering for themselves and eating half of your pizza is sure shot nonsense.

4) Most of the times they (intentionally) forget their wallet

If it is a high end party or an outing with possibly high contribution these are the times when your kanjoos friend will surely not forget to forget his or her wallet. The most hated gimmick out there ! Everybody knows

5) They aren’t hungry when the contribution is more !

These chaps are those terrorist souls who say “ I am not hungry” but eat up half of what you order! Somebody must explain them there are no free lunches.

6) Today is your party! Is their anthem ( ALL THE TIME )

Be it a break up or the street dog giving birth to 8 puppies, or a friend passing an exam, all they think of is free food and freebies. Bhagwaan bachavey !

7) They wait for everybody’s birthday and disappear on their own!

Classic kanjoos! They might even cancel other plans to attend free treats. But, when it comes to giving back all what they hogged somehow they have a family function or “ He is too busy”

8) Wanting to share every single minute expense !

These folks like maths way too much. All the time they are busy calculating how much will it cost to them if shared or not shared .

9) They are on a budget for lifetime !

They carry the exact amount ( if at all they carry) that will be incurred during the dinner or party. Any single extra expense here or there is enough to make them go mad.

10) Owns a vehicle barely puts it to use !

They are the last ones to volunteer for bringing in their vehicle. If the situation gets extreme they will have all excuses lined up like bike is in garage, no petrol and in the end I will bring the car but contribute the petrol !

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