10 Weird / Bizarre Restaurant In The World

Everyone loves to eat food in restaurant. We get many delicious and awesome foods there. These restaurant design their place with nice interiors and design to attract customers. There are some restaurants that induce class and unique concepts. It helps them to stand out and stand out in the market.

But some restaurant owners are so creative that they choose some unique and unusual designs for their restaurant. They defined the concept of uniqueness in their own unique way. They are bizarre in every possible way, no matter how you look at them. These restaurants serve good quality foods, but the quality is not the factor that keeps calling the visitors again and again.

Here’s a list of some such weird restaurant in the world:

1. A380 In-Flight Kitchen

Country: Taiwan
Key-Factor: The designer choose the design of an aeroplane for the interior of the restaurant as you can see in the picture.

2. Underwater Restaurant

Country: Maldives
Key-Factor: The restaurant is situated 5 meters below the sea level.

3. Redwoods Treehouse

Country: New Zealand
Key-Factor: It is located 32 feet above the ground. It is built in pot shape in a redwood tree.

4. Tombs Restaurant

Country: India
Key-Factor: You will get to dine with the dead. The restaurant is set on a graveyard.

5. Dinner in the sky

Country: Belgium
Key-Factor: The restaurant is located 150 ft high in the sky.

6. Vampire Cafe

Country: Japan
Key-Factor: The interior is designed with the theme of vampires.

7. El Diablo

Country: Spain
Key-Factor: This restaurant is built inside a live volcano. They even use heat from the volcano to cook food.

8. Mars restaurant

Country: United States of America
Key-Factor: The interior of this restaurant is designed with theme of Mars.

9. Labassin waterfall restaurant

Country: Philippines
Key-Factor: As you can see in the picture the restaurant is located near a waterfall. You can eat your food while having your feet in water.

10. Fanweng restaurant

Country: China
Key-Factor: This restaurant is located in a hill. Half of the restaurant is inside the cave and half is hanging out of it sounds cool.

Have you heard about there restaurants? Would you like to go there ? Tell me in the comment section.

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