7 Countries Where Indian Rupee Will Make You Feel Rich

There are some countries in the world where the Indian rupee is very high. In such countries, you can also travel abroad at a very low cost, do the shopping you like and enjoy a good trip. Then, what is the delay, let us know about the countries of the world where the Indian rupee is strong.

1. Indonesia

Indonesia, a country with many beautiful islands like Bali, Java, Sumatra, is near Australia in the Far East. Here also there are Indian rupees. Every year millions of Indians go for a trip to Indonesia, you can also travel to Indonesia for very little money. The price of 1 Indian rupee in Indonesia is 205 Indonesian Rupiha. This strength of the rupee can reduce your travel expenses to Indonesia.

2. Nepal

Nepal, a neighboring country of India and the only Hindu country in the world, has now adopted democracy. An Indian does not require a visa to visit Nepal. People can travel to Nepal via small transport vehicles and buses. The price of 1 Indian rupee in Nepal is 1.60 Nepalese rupees.

3. Sri Lanka

This small country in the south of India has immense beauty. As such, mention of Sri Lanka has been found many times in Indian scriptures. There is a description about Sri Lanka in Ramayana. Sri Lanka is just 30 kilometers from Rameswaram, located in the southernmost part of India. The price of 1 Indian rupee in Sri Lanka is 2.36 Sri Lankan rupees.

4. Paraguay

The currency of Paraguay settled in South America is also cheaper than the Indian rupee. Here you will get 86.77 Guarani for one rupee. However, air travel can prove costly to reach here.

5. Mongolia

The currency of Mongolia is Tugrik. Here it is cheaper for Indian to roam. Here you will get 36.98 tugrik for one rupee. Most of the people here enjoy the Desert Safari.

6. Vietnam

1 rupee in Vietnam, a country settled in the Indochina Peninsula of Southeast Asia. Is getting 352.52 dong instead. The interesting thing is that Vietnam is a friendly country to India and if you plan to visit here, it will not cost much.

7. Cambodia

There was a time when Cambodia was the center of Hindu culture, its currency is also cheaper than the currency of India. It gets 63.09 reels for 1 rupee. If you go for a visit here, then you can get a great look of Indian culture. There are many tourist places here which attract people to their side. The biggest tourist center here is the Ankorwat Temple. It is the largest Vishnu temple in the world. The grand history of Hindu culture can be gauged by seeing this temple. This temple was built by King Suryavarman of Ankor in the 12th century.

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