Amazing ! This 14 Year old girl from New York is Pro in creating password that is impossible to crack

In the digital world, the key to the password vault is that if you find someone else you will be robbed. Everyone wants to remember his password easily, and it can happen that nobody can break. Let’s introduce you to a girl who sells such kind of password.

At the age where children are busy playing games, watching TV, running the computer, and in the rest of the fun, there is a child who has made her business her identity in the whole world. This is the story of 14 year old Mira Modi who is running her business in New York. 9th class student has a website, through which she sells passwords to people.

How do the work

In this period of growing problem of cyber crime, most people have problems in hacking. In such a way, Meera makes passwords using Dice. Dice Ware is an art in which random numbers are removed by throwing the dice and then it is matched with the list of English alphabet. These are later linked to non-sensitized string. After this there is a password which is better and safer than others.

Inspiration from mother

Meera says that her mother gave her inspiration. At the beginning of the business, he gave generating passwords to the people, but the earnings were not much in it. After this, Meera decided to sell this online. Now they sell a password for $ 2 online through the online website. Meera, who earns money using her brain at such a young age, is an example for others.

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