“I have never seen that question before” and 15 other thoughts students have during exam

Exams are the most terrifying thing ever been in a student’s life. Some studies hard for it and some are lucky to score enough. A lot of things keep running to one’s mind.

Here I’m going to show you some thoughts that goes through student’s head during an exam:


1. Praying to God that question comes from the chapter that you have studied well.

2. What everyone is writing ?

3. Why invigilator is moving around me ?

4. I  don’t know this question, ok let’s skip to another one, Keep skipping until the end of paper is reached.

5. Who sets such kind of questions.

6. Great! I know answer to this question, the paper is easy.

7. Singing your favourite song in your mind.

8. After spending half of the exam time, I’m getting bored.

9. I don’t know this question but can’t leave paper blank so, I will write everything that is relevant to it.

10. Comparing the question you have completed to the marks you need to qualify. I need 40 marks to pass and I’ve got 10, okay 30 more to go.

11. Answering multiple choice questions like ” Akkad Bakkad Bambay Bo, 80 90 Pure 100 “.

12. I have never seen that word before.

13. When everyone seems to be finishing before you and you’re still on question 15 out of 50

14. You know the answers to some questions but when you start writing it you just forget it.

15. Quick check your answers and finally its over.

These are some thoughts that students have before or during exam. If you have ever been in an exam what thoughts were going through your mind? And that’s it. Enjoyed this article go share this with your friends on Social Media.

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