How to access contacts on locked smartphone during emergency or accidents

Nowadays, keeping the phone in public has become a trend. Most people keep their mobiles with PIN lock or pattern locker. U, this public is for the safety of your information so that not everyone can use your phone or any of your important data is lost. But this is a very fatal incident when you are suffering from accidents. People sent you for treatment, but it becomes very difficult to inform your family members about the accident that happened to you.

In such a situation, a big question comes up, what should be done if this happens in such a situation. If ever an accident victim is in front of us and his phone is public then how can we inform this to his family member.

The best solution for such a situation is to remove the SIM card of the victim from his / her public phone and put it in your own phone. By doing this, the contact of the victim will be shown in our phone so that the family members of the victim can be easily called for help.

One such incident has happened in PGI. There were three boys who were in an accident from the car, those boys were breathing, so the doctors team got engaged on them without delay. Any work in PGI is quick. Their clothes and phones were kept separately. When it came to the news of his family members, a hospital staff started showing him the entire contact of the boy on his phone. And he called and told all those boys families and reported this accident. And the family came to the hospital immediately.

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