Did You Know : Why Do Jeans Have a Tiny Pocket

Everyone loves wearing jeans and if it is branded one, it furthermore adds up to the style quotient. Talking about the tiny pocket in jeans, different people use it in different ways. Some people use it to keep coins and tickets while others use it to keep toffee or chewing gum.

But you will be surprised to know that the tiny pocket in jeans is not meant to keep any of these things. In this article, we will tell you the history of the tiny pockets in jeans and what was it used for.

History of Tiny Pockets in Jeans:

Providing a tiny pocket in Jeans was first started in later part of 19th Century by a company named Levi Strauss, which is known today as Levi’s. It was called ‘Watch Pocket’ as it was provided to put watches in it.

In those days, cow boys and workers used to carry chained watches. The size of the tiny pocket in jeans was in accordance with the size of chained watches during those times. It served dual purpose, firstly to provide a protective storage for the watch and secondly, the tiny size held the watch firmly and prevented it from falling down.

One more overlooked aspect of jeans is the copper rivets at the edges of the pockets. Most of us believe that it is for adding up to the style.

However, the truth is, copper rivets are provided to enhance the durability of jeans as it is prone to wear and tear mostly from the pocket area.

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