Will Your Crush Like You In 2022

Does your crush know your last name ?

Of Course

No way

I am not sure

You would say that your current mood is




Does you make your crush laugh?


I don’t think so

A lot

Does your crush hug you ?

Yes, but they hug everybody

Yes! pretty often

Not even close

How much would you say you and your crush have in common ?

We are basically twins

We like some of the same things but also have some differences

We are pretty difference

Have you ever complimented your crush ?

Hmm… When I have the chance

I always find a reason to compliment them

No, never

Does your crush start casual conversations with you ?


Not Really

Yes, Often!

How good is the relationship with your crush ?




Do you show your romantic intentions ?


Yeah, every now and then

I’m too evident

Are you interested in someone else besides your crush ?

I’m not sure




It may be too soon to tell you if your crush likes you or may be like you back. You both need to develop a relationship.

Be Patient

It seems you two are in different path right now, but anything can happen in a year.

Get Ready

There are several positive signs, it seems your crush likes you but they may not be ready to face their feelings yet.


Your crush like you… you know it right ? What are you waiting for ?

What's your reaction?

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