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Aly Goni Biography : Ali Goni Belongs to a Muslim Family. Ali Goni’s parents are members of a Kashmiri family and his home is also in Jammu and Kashmir. Ali Goni made his debut with the television serial “Naagin 3”. Ali Goni was seen in Bigg Boss, the biggest show coming on Colors TV, after that he was also seen in Khatron Ke Khiladi show. Of course, he made his debut with TV serials, but in today’s time he is also working in big movies.

In today’s article, I will tell you how Ali Goni’s early life was, how many ups and downs have come in his career, who are in his family, what is his age and what is the name of his girlfriend, all this in today’s article.

Ali Goni Profile

NameAli Goni
Father’s nameAmjad Goni
Mother’s nameRuby Goni
Birthday25 February 1991
BirthplaceJammu and Kashmir, India
Brother’s nameArslan Goni
Sister nameIlham Goni
OccupationModel and Actor

Early Life of Ali Goni

Ali Goni who is an Indian actor who started his career with TV serials and today this name has become a very well known name in the TV industry. Ali Goni was born in Jammu and Kashmir India and his family is Kashmiri Muslim family. .

Ali Goni was born on 25 February 1991 and his age has become 31 years according to the year 2022 but he has achieved a lot even at such a young age, I want to tell you that Ali Goni’s family is very small. And have a happy family and Ali Goni also has a girlfriend named Jasmin Bhasin.

Ali Goni started his career as a contestant in a reality show named “Splitsvilla Season 5” and his first TV serial show was “Yeh Hai Mohabbatein” at that time this serial had become a very popular serial. This serial was very much liked by the people, due to which Ali Goni started in this industry and on seeing, he started getting very good works.

From the year 2013 to the year 2019, the audience gave so much love to this reality show, due to getting a lot of love, it was a super hit for 5 years and in this TV serial show, people started knowing Ali Goni by the name of “Romi Bhalla”. And started liking it a lot.

Ali Goni’s Family

Ali Goni’s family is a very small and very simple family, in the house of Ali Goni, his father, his mother, he has a brother and a sister, Ali Goni was born on 25 February 1991 in Jammu and Kashmir, India and he He spent his childhood in Jammu and Kashmir.

Ali Goni hails from a Kashmiri Muslim family and Ali Goni has spent his entire childhood in Jammu and Kashmir. Ali Goni’s father, whose name is Amjad, and his mother’s name is Ruby Goni, Ali also has a brother whose name is The name is Arslan Goni and his sister’s name is Ilham Goni.

Friends, I want to tell you one thing, when Ali Goni took his first step in the TV serials industry, he did not have any girlfriend and he used to concentrate only on his work but as he climbed the stairs of success, Ali Goni started making new friends and in today’s time he also has a girlfriend whose name is Jasmin Bhasin.

Ali Goni Career

Now let’s talk about Ali Goni’s career, how he has achieved such heights and what problems he had to face to reach the place where Ali Goni is today, so let’s know about him.

In the year 2013, Ali Goni started his first TV serial playing the character named Romi Bhalla in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein. For years, Pyar Diya kept that show till the top.

The serial aired on Star Plus and starred Divyanka Tripathi, Karan Patel, Ruhanika Dhawan, Anita Hassanandani, Aditi Bhatia, Mahila Verma, Abhishek Verma, Krishna Mukherjee, Vivek Dahiya and Ali. They had a very big team that everyone used to work together in this show.

After this, in the year 2015, Ali Goni started his next project that was also a TV serial named “Kuch To Hai Tere Mere Darmiyan”. In this TV show, Ali Goni did Raj Kapoor’s A Very Good Road, which was very much liked by the audience and this serial used to come on Star Plus.

After this, in the year 2016, Ali Goni also worked in the serial “Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum”, in which a character by the name of Kabir Raichand was played by Ali Goni and that role was very much liked by the audience, Saanvi Talwar in that show. , Naveen Saini, Karan Kundra, Paridhi Sharma, Papiya Sengupta, Ashish Mehrotra, Tanu Khan, Ali Goni were all working together.

Then in the year 2016, he also worked in a serial called “Bahu Hamari Rajinikanth”, that serial was very good, in that serial Ali Goni was playing a caterer named Virat Batra and that serial was broadcast on OK channel. I no longer have this channel.

Friends, Aly Goni never stopped and he continued to work, because of that he is at this big stage today, I will tell you that in the year 2017 Ali Goni worked in a serial called “Dhai Kilo Prem”, Ali in that train. Played the character of Sushant.

After this, in the year 2018, Ali Goni had appeared in a serial called “Dil Hi To Hai”, Ali Goni did a very good job, due to which the serial lasted for a long time, in that serial, Ali Goni Naman Kapoor Played the character and in that serial along with Ali Goni Yogita Bihani, Karan Kundrra, Vijay Anand, Asmita Sood, Akshay Daura are also included.

After doing so much, Ali Goni did not stop and kept on working and he came with his new character “Naagin 3” and made all the audience happy, this show used to come on Star Plus. Ali Goni has appeared in TV serials as well as big shows like “Bigg Boss”.

Interesting Facts about Ali Goni

Ali Goni looks very attractive in MP3 and his height is 6 feet 1 inch, he has to pay a lot of attention to food to keep such a personality and in the meantime Ali Goni also drinks alcohol sometimes.Ali Goni was born in a very middle-class family in Jammu and Kashmir India and was brought up in Jammu and Kashmir.During his college days, Ali Goni participated in a modeling program organized by an Indian Film and Television Institute in his college and won the show.Ali Goni is afraid of heights so much that he is unable to travel in heights.During an interview, Ali Goni had once revealed that it was very difficult for him to get a place in cities like Mumbai because Ali Goni was a Kashmiri Muslim, that is why he was very happy to get religion from Mumbai in cities. .Ali Goni is very fond of animals and he takes great care of animals, he also has a pet cat named Leo and he also has a pet dog named Rambo.

Ali Goni Net Worth

Ali Goni is a very famous actor and he has worked in this industry for a long time and will continue to work so many people like to know about some property of being Ali and let me tell you according to a reporter Ali Goni earns 15 to 20 lakh rupees every month.

And Ali Goni’s annual is around two crores, it has been told according to an interview, but according to an interview, his net worth is said to be around ₹ 10 crores, so this is not any solid evidence. It may be more may be less but Ali Goni is a very famous actor so he earns very good money.

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