Are you gay ?

Do you find yourself attracted to men ?

Not at all


I have mixed feelings

Are you attracted to girls ?


I Think So


Have you ever wanted to kiss a boy ?


A few times!

Yes, many times!

Do you find yourself looking at boys more than girls ?

Sometimes, just out of curiosity

Yes, almost all the time

Never, I always look at girls

How often do you dream about boys in a sexual or romantic way?

Too often



If you were dared to kiss a boy, how would you react ?

I would probably refuse

Depends on who

I would jump at the chance

Do you see yourself dating a man in future?

Yes, obviously


Possible or perhaps not


You are straight. It’s as simple as that. You’re not at all interested in boys and will only have a heterosexual relationship.


You think you’re straight, but you still have doubts about your sexual orientation.


You are physically and emotionally attracted to people of the same sex. You are gay, embrace it, stay strong and be true.

What's your reaction?

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