Bill Gates Daughter | Real Vs Rumor

The topic of this article will prove that not all the things that we get to see on internet is true. We all know Bill Gates the CEO of Microsoft. Today we will talk about her daughter Jennifer Katherine Gates. You all have seen this girl (in the pic below) as Bill’s daughter. Also when you will search about Bill Gates daughter images in google or any search engine you will get the image of this girl in first result.

bill gates daughter

But in reality she is not Katherine Gates. This news and pic were rumored on internet for several years. No one can say from where this girl image came from and who shared this picture as Gates daughter. Many bloggers have thought this girl is Bill’s daughter and also shared on their blog. I can’t say how Bill Gates have reacted on this information. You all now wants to know who the real daughter of Bill is. But, first we will talk about the rumored daughter of Bill.

She is RACHEL LEIGH COOK an American actress, model and producer who known for her starring role in films Josie, She’s all that and some television series. You can get detailed about her on Wikipedia

bill gates daughter

Now we will tell you about the real JENNIFER KATHERINE GATES. Bill has 3 children and Jennifer is elder among all of them. She was born on 1996 to Bill and Melinda Gates. She has studied biology from Stanford University. Her net worth id approx. $20 million. Here are some pics of Bill Gates family and Jennifer Gates.

bill gates daughter

melinda gates

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