10 Lies A Hosteller Say To His Parents

Hostel life is one of the best part of the life. It teaches us most valuable things. The hostel life is full of fun and great experience. But Hostel life is not easy. There is lots of up and down in hostels life. Lots of lies are being told. 

Here I am sharing 10 Lies Hosteller tells his parents during Hostel Life.

1.       Yeah I get up early in the morning and attend all the lectures.


 Early? Haven’t eaten the breakfast from two weeks.

2.       Yes my mid semester exams were fine.




Just writing your roll number and name doesn’t require any study.

3.       All my friends and my roommates are good.



I just want to kill them. They are real enemies.

4.       Yes I have enough money for this month.



As a hosteller your money last for a couple of days and the rest day works on beg borrow or steal.

5.       I am taking extra classes on the weekend.


Extra classes? We don’t even attend the regular classes. Who studies when one can enjoy unlimited with friends.

6.       My phone was in silent that’s why I couldn’t attend your call.


We were enjoying our hostler life and doesn’t want anyone to disturb.

7.       I want money for fees and study materials.

That we borrow from seniors and money goes to the Party.

8.       I stay away from Boy/Girl.



We keep thinking 24 X 7 about him/her, their friends, and friends of friends.

9.       Our lecturers are good.
I don’t like them. They gives us a lot of assignment, takes test every week.

10.   I am not involved in smoking, smoking or any kind of drugs.

Their room is the main source for all the Hostlers. 

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