Nelson Mandela Biography

Nelson Mandela Biography: Nelson Mandela is called the Gandhi of South Africa, Nelson Mandela’s full name was Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela . Mandela was greatly inspired by Gandhiji, he believed in non-violence like Gandhi. Nelson Mandela’s life was full of difficulties. He had to spend 27 years of his life in prison. There was a lot of struggle for color discrimination.

Mandela has also been the President of South Africa.

Nelson Mandela early life and education

Mandela was born on 18 July 1918 in Mwezo, Eastern Cape, Union of South Africa. He was born to Gedla Henri Mfakeniswa and his third wife, Nekufi Noskeni. Mandela was the third of 18 siblings. His father, Henry Mfakeniswa, was the chieftain of the Henri Mwezo tribe. The local people called the Sardar’s son Mandela.

His father used to call him by the name ‘Rolihla’. Which means “nuisance” in the regional language. Nelson had his early education at Clarkberry Missionary School. Received Matriculation from Methodist Missionary School. Received higher education from various universities like University of Fort Herr, University of London External System, University of South Africa, University of the Witwatersrand. His father died at the age of 12.

Political Struggle Nelson Mandela

Political life also saw many ups and downs. In 1941, Mandela moved to Johannesburg. Where he met Walter Sisulu and Walter Albertine. These two Mandelas were greatly influenced. After settling in Johannesburg, he took a job as a clerk in a law firm for a living. But his mind gradually started getting attracted towards politics.

At that time there were many problems regarding apartheid, to remove color discrimination, he stepped into politics. In 1944 he joined the African National Congress party. Who continued the movement against apartheid. In 1944, Mandela, along with his friends and allies, founded the African Congress League. In 1947, he was elected its secretary.

And the apartheid protests continued until 1961. But in 1961, he and some of his associates were tried for treason, but they were released due to lack of conviction in the court.

On 5 August 1962, he was once again arrested and charged with abetting the workers and motivating them to leave the country. He was tried on 12 July 1964. And he was sentenced to life imprisonment. He was sent to Robert Island for punishment. But their enthusiasm did not diminish even there.

Even in prison, he started mobilizing black prisoners. While in jail, he wrote a book called ‘Long Walk to Freedom’ . In prison he worked in a coal mine. He was released after serving 27 years in prison. After his release on 11 February 1990, he laid the foundation for a democratic and multiracial Africa through a policy of compromise and peace. Once again he became active in politics.

Black elections were held in South Africa in 1994, and the African Congress League won 62 percent of the vote, and Nelson Mandela was elected president by unanimous consent. Nelson Mandela became the country’s first black president on 10 May 1994. After becoming the President, the new constitution was implemented in Africa in 1996. Under which many institutions were established for the investigation of many political and officials.

After two years, he left active politics. Resigned from the post of Africa-Congress in 1999. In the meantime, he made a lot of changes for blacks in the country. Enforced the law and gave them freedom to live with dignity.


He believed in Gandhi’s ideology and was a priest of non-violence. He was greatly inspired by Gandhiji. Mandela never adopted a violent ideology.

Nelson Mandela marriage

Mandela had three marriages. From whom he had six children and he has 17 grandchildren. The first marriage took place in 1944 to Evelyn Mays, sister of his friend and colleague Walter Sisulu. He met his second wife, Nomjamo Vini Medikijala, at the same time as he was found not guilty in the 1961 trial. He married Grace Meckle on his 80th birthday in 1998, thus having had three marriages.

Honors and Awards

People in Africa call him Madiba which is a matter of pride for an elderly person. Madiba means father. In Africa, he is also called the father of the nation. Mandela is known as the founder of the first democracy, the “national liberator and savior”. Mandela’s statue was installed in the Sadeton Sandton Square shopping center in Johannesburg.

In 2009, the United States Assembly declared July 18 as his birthday in memory of his contribution to the anti-apartheid struggle .

Various countries have also given their country’s highest award for this contribution. About 250 awards have been presented from countries of the world.

Some of the awards in this are as follows:

  • Nobel Peace Prize in 1993 jointly with Frederick Willem de Klerk, former President of South Africa
  • President Medal of Freedom
  • order of lenin
  • Bharat Ratna
  • Nishan-e-Pakistan
  • Gandhi Peace Prize on 23 July 2008


He died on 5 December 2013. But he is still alive among the people as an inspiration even today. He died due to a lung infection. His entire family was with him at that time.


  1. Nelson Mandela was related to which republic ?

    Mwezo, Eastern Cape, belonged to the Union Republic of South Africa.

  2. When was Nelson Mandela born?

    Mandela was born on 18 July 1918 in Mwezo, Eastern Cape, Union of South Africa.

  3. When did Nelson Mandela die?

    He died on 5 December 2013.

  4. How was Nelson Mandela’s life and struggle?

    Nelson Mandela’s life and struggle was very sad. He had to face a lot of difficulties in his life. He also had to go to jail several times.

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