Take Care of These Things When You Are Travelling for The First Time in Plane

Some work in life is new to somebody. Sometimes there is happiness in doing something different, sometimes there is fear of being wrong. Some similar mixed feelings come in the mind of those who travel for the first time. Well, if you are going to approach the airport for the first time then there is no need to worry about anything. Just remember these few things before leaving:


1. The first air travel is a new experience for everyone. Therefore, to understand the rules and regulations of the airport, try to reach about 2.5 hours before the time of the flight, so that there will not be any problem again.

2. A soft copy of the flight ticket should be accompanied by a hard copy. Also keep all the information about the ticket in mobile for safe side.

3. Do not forget to keep the identity card before leaving the trip. Aadhaar card for inland travel, then there is a passport necessary for international travel.

4. Aadhaar card, Voter ID card and Passport are checked on the gate before check-in at the airport. After this you are sent inside the airport.

5. After you complete this procedure, you will have to scan luggage by going to the luggage screening belt of the airline. After luggage scanning, the airlines lock it, which can be opened only after the journey is completed. If any of your bags weigh more than 15 kg, then you have to pay more for that.


6. Do not keep luggage like razor, blade and knife in your handbag while traveling, because these things are removed during security checking.

7. After the luggage scan, you have to take boarding pass from the airline counter. You will be given a boarding pass after checking of e-ticket and identity card. With this, the weight of the luggage will be measured and placed in the flight.

8. After the boarding pass you have to go through the process of security check. During this time, things like jackets, phones and laptops are scanned in a tray. In view of its safety rules, you are also scanned. After all the things are found right, you are sent forward for the trip.

9. All the information about the flight is given in boarding pass.

10. Then there is announcement about boarding, after which you can sit in the flight.


11. It takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour in all this process. For the first time, it takes a little longer to understand things, so you should arrive before time.

12. Do not hurry while moving off the plane.

13. When you sit in the plane, turn off the phone and do not take selfies, otherwise you can get scolded.

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