Top 10 Most Followed Indians on Twitter 2018 – Indian Celebrity

1. Narendar modi 40.9 Million

narendra modi twitter

2. Shahrukh khan 33.9 Million

shah rukh khan twitter

3. Amitabh bachchan 33.5 Million

amitabh bachchan twitter

4. Salman khan 31.8 Million

salman khan twitter
5. Akshay kumar 25.4 Million

akshay kumar twitter

6. Sachin Tendulkar 24.6 Million

sachin kumar twitter

7. Virat Kohli 23.5 Million

virat kohli twitter

8. Deepika 23.5 Million

deepika padukone twitter

9. Amir khan 23 Million

aamir khan twitter

10. Hritik roshan 22.7 Million

hritik roshan twitter

Whom do you follow most on twitter or in real life? Do I have miss someome in this Top 10 list tell me in the comment section.

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