10 Life Lessons You Learn From Hostel Mess

Hostel life as I have discussed earlier is one of best part in a student’s life. As you have not to worry about anything. Lots of friends and unlimited masti. Also we gets a lots of thing to learn like responsibility, discipline, punctuality etc. As we entered into hostel one thing we got in bonus is Hostel Mess. And surviving your hostel mess is not an easy task. Hostel Mess also taught you a lot of lessons that might be helpful in your future.
Let’s check out some life lessons that Hostel Mess teach.
1. Discipline for time.
As you live in a hostel situated far away from city (kheton ke beech) and mess is the only source of food you got to take your food on time. Because once you missed you feel like you are living on an island or desert.
2. You start loving your Maa Ke Hath Ka Khana more.
You even start eating Bhindi ki sabzi and Karela without any trouble when you go to home.
3. You learn the lesson of punctuality.
It taught you, how to be punctual for something. Because at 7:30pm it is Matar Paneer, at 8 pm its simply Matar and at 8:30pm you only get gravy.
4. It teaches you that patience is very important in once life.
Waiting in lengthy queues to get that meals you wouldn’t even like to take a look at, makes you a affected person man since you lastly understand throwing tantrums receive don’t shorten the road. Paapi pet ka sawal hai.
5. You learn to enjoy the smallest happiness in life.
Either it is surprised meal on festivals or a small treat from your friends, it is the only happiness you celebrate.
6. It makes you a Food Retoucher or a Master Chef.
You think taking xtra salt or putting crushed onion in food will makes the food delicious. You have also created a wide variety of Maggi.
7. You become a food smuggler.
You have taken a lot of food materials from mess kitchen to your room for late night cooking.
8. Smiling in miserable conditions is the art of life.
Whatever happens in life keep smiling because your tears won’t going to change that Matar Paneer into Shahi Paneer.
9. You discover ways to make mates, or the widespread ache your style buds share makes you allies.
Friends for all times!
10. You become a hardcore survival.
Living in hostel and surviving on hostel mess makes you so strong that you could survive anything.
Are you a hosteler? What is your experience ?

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