8 Characteristics of Intelligent People | Which of these Do You Possess

Intelligence is not a commodity that can be bought from the market. If that was the case, the list of richest persons and list of intelligent persons would be the same.

In this article we have listed 8 characteristics that are found in intelligent people. When you come across a person who has one or more than one of these qualities, you can conclude with surety that he/she is intelligent.

You may even evaluate yourself and see whether you have any such characteristics? If yes, then we are glad to have an intelligent reader like you.

Spending More time on Internet:

According to an online survey, 2 out of 3 people believe that internet makes people smart. People’s writing and reading style has become better because of the Internet.

Minimal use of Electronic Gadgets:

According to a research by Hewlett Packard, people these days are displaying symptoms of Infomania (curiosity to know content of message/mail message immediately). This is creating restlessness and dilutes the focus. Intelligent people tend to stay focused and use electronic gadgets only when required.

Open Mindedness and Adaptability:

As per Encyclopedia Britannica, Intelligent people gel up with people and surroundings, quiet fast and with ease.


Intelligent people are always eager to learn new things, gain more knowledge and acquire new skills.

Ability to ask Logical Questions:

Ability to ask the right kind of questions to extract required information is also a key characteristic of intelligent people.

Being better equipped

Intelligent people know that to perform a particular task perfectly, one has to be equipped with right kind of knowledge, skills, tools and resources.

Accepting Mistakes:

This quality is not found in everyone. Intelligent people understand the fact that they cannot be always right. So if they realise that they have committed a mistake, they will sportingly accept it.

Learning from Mistakes:

It is said that mistakes are a stepping stone for success. Intelligent people not just accept their mistakes but they also learn from it, so that when they are faced with similar situation/task in future they do not repeat the same mistake.

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