Explained: Why People Who Sleep Late At Night Are Better Than Others

People who stay in bed those extra ten minutes (or couple of hours) after a long night, often find themselves branded as lazy, or berated for having a “destructive” lifestyle. We all are guilty of oversleeping after a night of intense internet surfing (damned cats playing the piano). But how much could it really hurt, right?

Night owls have been proven to being more intelligent, more flexible, and having more stamina. Studies link sleeping to intelligence, creativity, and happiness, and, they side with the night birds!

Following are 5 ways how People Who Sleep Late At Night Are Better Than Others:

1. Defying Evolution

Scientists state that humans are adapted to living the way our ancestors did. Which is why they are accustomed to sleeping early and waking up early. This means, people who stay up late in the night have trained their body as per THEIR needs, pushing back what evolution itself has taught them.

2. Attentive for Longer

Studies conducted by various researchers show that night owls have higher brain activity for longer duration unlike those who manage to ”catch the worm”. They have larger attention span, and their brains remain active in various areas.

3. Higher IQ

Sleeping patterns of subjects, especially teens have been studied to prove that those burning their midnight lamps score better on inductive reasons tests- related to general intelligence, than others.

4. Physically Stronger

An increase in the motor cortex and spinal cord excitability in late evening hours is seen in such people. FYI, one of the best hours to exercise.

5. Happier!

The socioeconomic circumstances of 1229 men and women were compared with their sleep patterns, by the University of Southampton and voila! The ”Owls” were seen to have more income and generally, a more comfortable lifestyle. Guess the whole ”You Snooze You Lose” thing falls into perspective now.

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