This Quiz Will Reveal Exactly How You And Your Partner Should Celebrate V-Day This Year?

How long have you and your partner been dating?

Less than six months

Rémi Walle

Six months to a year

Toa Heftiba

1-3 years

Jakob Owens

Three years or more

Alvin Mahmudov

What kind of date are you lookng for?


Artem Beliaikin


Toa Heftiba

Working together 

ThisisEngineering RAEng

Something involving food


Outdoor activity

Edoardo Busti

Indoor activity

Mollie Sivaram

Type of gift does your significant other prefer?


Annie Spratt


Sara Cervera

Something expensive

Jeff Tumale


Cornelia Ng

Do you and your significant other typically try new things?

Yes all the time


Not really

Never, we tend to stick to our comfort zone

What does a typical Saturday night look like for the two of you?

Just spending time together, we don’t care what we’re doing

Exploring a new place

Staying in and watching a TV show

Going out to a bar with friends

Do you have a budget for this date?

Yes, save money

Damir Spanic

Depends what you had in mind

Thought Catalog

Whatever will make my partner happy

Sharon McCutcheon

The more expensive the better

Nathan Dumlao

What area do you live in?


Pedro Lastra


Sarah Brown


Brandon Griggs


Cristina Anne Costello

What is your partner’s favorite season?


Benjamin Voros


Ian Schneider


Arno Smit


Kenta Kikuchi

Romantic Dinner Date

Sounds like you two could really get to know each other little more. Take your significant other to one of your favorite restaurants and get to talking! Restaurant reservations book up fast so make them ahead of time and make sure to pre-order their favorite flowers.

Stay in and cook

Money isn’t everything. Impress your significant other with a home-cooked meal. Open a bottle of wine and do it together or have them relax while you do the cooking. If you’re newly dating, make sure they don’t have any food allergies or you’ll be spending Valentine’s Day in the emergency room.

Hiking with a picnic

Get out of you comfort zone and have fun exploring somewhere new. Get take out from your favorite sandwich shop or pack your own lunch to-go. Since it’s Valentine’s Day, pack some chocolate covered strawberries, too! Pick a peaceful spot with a view when you stop for lunch. Make sure to enjoy this quality time with your partner and take in the beautiful nature views.

Beach/pool day

Nothing better then a relaxing beach day or some fun in the sun. The choice is yours. but make sure to focus on spending quality time with one another. Pack some beach games and a few hydrating drinks for the two of you.

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