Neeraj Chopra Biography

Neeraj Chopra Biography: The brave and brilliant players of our India have made India’s name famous all over the world. All of them are giving an example of their name along with India in the whole world.

India’s Watching Women Boxer Weightlifter Badminton Player in Tokyo Olympics remained a topic of discussion in the form of preparation. In such a situation, the 24-year-old javelin throw player also became the subject of discussion in the Tokyo Olympics. Now you must have understood what we are talking about. Yes, you got it right, we are talking about India’s brilliant javelin thrower Neeraj Chopra.

Today we will show you who is Neeraj Chopra in this Neeraj Chopra Biography ? (Neeraj Chopra Biography In Hindi), Introduction of Neeraj Chopra, Birth of Neeraj Chopra, Family Relationship of Neeraj Chopra, Coach of Neeraj Chopra, Career of Neeraj Chopra and Awards received by Neeraj Chopra are going to tell in detail.

Neeraj Chopra Biography

NameNeeraj Chopra
Date of Birth24 December 1997
Birth placePanipat Haryana
MotherSaroj Devi
FatherSatish Kumar
Occupationjavelin throw
Net worthabout $5 million
coachuwe hone

Who is Neeraj Chopra?

Neeraj Chopra is a player of javelin throw from India as an athlete in the Olympics. Neeraj Chopra has won a medal in the Olympics. Neeraj Chopra has seen many small ups and downs in his career. Neeraj Chopra set a world record in the year 2016 and became the first Indian athlete to make a world record for India.

Neeraj Chopra, who also won a gold medal at the Under 20 World Championships, has joined the list of stalwarts to win both Commonwealth and Asiad gold medals. Although Neeraj Chopra proved himself supreme in such a big tournament, but he did not come in much discussion, the topic of his discussion is winning the medal in Tokyo Olympics. After winning the medal in the Tokyo Olympics, Neeraj Chopra got a unique identity.

Birth and Family Relations of Neeraj Chopra

Neeraj Chopra is a resident of India. Neeraj Chopra was born on 24 December 1997 in Panipat, Haryana. He spent his childhood there. He has received a lot of love from Neeraj Chopra’s parents and they have also helped Neeraj Chopra to reach this height.

Neeraj Chopra’s mother’s name is Saroj Devi and her father’s name is Satish Kumar. Neeraj Chopra also has two sisters.

Neeraj Chopra personal life

Neeraj Chopra is still unmarried. Neeraj Chopra is 24 years old but he is not married yet. He gave his full attention towards his goal, due to which he achieved this success.

Neeraj Chopra education

Neeraj Chopra got his early education from his own birthplace Haryana. It is being said that Neeraj Chopra has obtained a degree up to graduation. After completing his elementary education, Neeraj Chopra joined BBA College and from here he got his degree up to graduation.

Neeraj Chopra’s coach

Neeraj Chopra went through a variety of trainings to reach this height and Neeraj Chopra learned under German javelin thrower Uwe Hohn. The coach from whom Neeraj Chopra learned the javelin throw was a retired German track and field athlete who competed in the javelin throw.

Neeraj Chopra’s coach is so capable that he can throw javelin for a distance of 100 meters or more. Neeraj Chopra’s coach has set a world record for javelin throw for a distance of 104.80 meters. Neeraj Chopra was also inspired by him and he also joined his coaching classes and in the present time you can see his heights.

Neeraj Chopra career

When Neeraj Chopra was only 11 years old, he saw Javeer Chaudhary practicing javelin throwing in the stadium of Panipat and he too became fond of throwing javelin. Jaiveer Choudhary was a state level athlete who also represented Haryana.

Seeing these in Neeraj Chopra’s mind, the desire to throw the javelin was awakened. Neeraj Chopra started trying to throw the javelin, but when he saw Uwe Hone setting a world record at the World Championships, his desire became even stronger.

Neeraj Chopra strengthened his training even more and became a capable player, after which he set a record in the year 2016 to become the first Indian to set the record. Neeraj Chopra bought a spear for himself in the year 2014, which was worth ₹7000. Neeraj Chopra later bought a javelin for ₹100000 to play at the international level.

After this, Neeraj Chopra won this match by throwing a javelin to a distance of 50.23 meters at the 2017 Asian Championships. Neeraj Chopra also participated in the prestigious IAAF Diamond League Invites for the first time in the year 2017 and finished seventh in this league.

After this, Neeraj Chopra had to go out disappointingly in the year 2017 as he also had some shortcomings at that time. That is, he was not fully capable of javelin throw, so he struggled very hard to get this position.

Neeraj Chopra received training in the field of javelin throw through Uwe Hon. Neeraj Chopra made himself capable after training, after which he won the gold medal in the Commonwealth Games by throwing the javelin for a distance of about 86.47 meters.

This Commonwealth Games was played by Neeraj Chopra in the year 2018. After this again Neeraj Chopra gave his best performance in Diamond League by throwing javelin to a distance of 87.43 and he threw javelin to a distance of 88.06 meters and was a gold medalist in the Asian Games.

Neeraj on the post of Naib Subedar of Army

Neeraj continued to practice javelin along with his studies and he also won many medals at the national level. In the 2016 IAAF World U-20 Championship held in Poland, Neeraj won the gold medal by throwing 86.48m javelin.

Pleased with this position of Neeraj, the army selected him for the post of Naib Subedar as a Junior Commissioned Officer in the Rajputana Regiment. Let us tell you that players are rarely selected for the post of officer in the army, but seeing Neeraj’s talent, the army appointed him directly to the post of officer.

After getting the appointment in the army, Neeraj had said in an interview that “No one in his family has got a chance to do a government job before and I am the first member of my family, who has been selected for a government job. This is a matter of great happiness for me and my family. This will also enable me to financially support my family and continue my training.”

Achievements of Neeraj Chopra

2016vydgoszcj poland86.481
2017Bhubaneswar India85.231
2018Ostrava Czech Republic80.246
2018gold coast australia86.471
2018Jakarta, Indonesia88.011

Award received by Neeraj Chopra

2012National Junior Championship Gold Medal
2013National Youth Championship Silver Medal
20163rd World Junior Award
2016Asian Junior Championships Silver Medal
2017Asian Athletics Championships Gold Medal
2018Asian Games Championship Gold Pride
2018Arjuna Award

Neeraj Chopra net worth

Neeraj Chopra is currently involved in the JSW Sports team. Neeraj Chopra was also selected as the brand ambassador by the sports drink giant Gatorade. At present, Neeraj Chopra’s net worth is around $5 million.

Note: His net worth is estimated according to the information available on the internet. We do not verify its accuracy.

Neeraj Chopra’s current world ranking

If we talk about Neeraj Chopra’s current ranking in the world, then Neeraj Chopra’s current ranking in the world is at the fourth position in the form of javelin throw.

Latest Updates about Neeraj Chopra

This is the second time in the history of India that an athlete has gone to the Olympics and won India a gold medal in the final round. Yes, Neeraj Chopra has created a history for India. By winning the gold medal in the Tokyo Olympics, he has become the only athlete from India who has won a gold medal in the Olympics.

Tokyo Olympics Neeraj Chopra Rank

As we all know, Neeraj Chopra was selected in the final round and on 7 August 2021, Neeraj Chopra defeated Jakub Weslejsch in the final round by throwing a javelin to a distance of 87.5 meters.

In this javelin throw match, the first place is of Neeraj Chopra, the second place is to his cousin Jakub Weslejch. Arif is Vitdeslav Veseli, who finished third in the match of the Tokyo Olympics.

Foul was the fourth attempt out of five attempts by Neeraj Chopra

Neeraj Chopra got about five chances in this game of javelin throw, in which he finished first in all matches, but Neeraj Chopra’s fourth attempt failed (foul).

Neeraj Chopra’s best performance was up to 87.5 meters, which he showed in his second attempt. Performing like this, Neeraj Chopra got the first position in all the matches.

The veteran Johannes Waiter, who could not stand in front of Neeraj Chopra, had to be out of the top 8

In this game of javelin throw, Johannes Vetter (known for throwing the javelin to a distance of 90 meters) could not stand in front of Neeraj Chopra. Johannes Vetter made about three attempts in this game, with two javelin throw fouls.

Johannes Vetter had a best performance of 82.8 meters at the Tokyo Olympics. Johannes Vetter was supposed to be the gold medalist in the Tokyo Olympics in this javelin throw game, but Neeraj Chopra broke this illusion of the people.

Johannes Vetter won the gold medal at the 2017 World Championships and European Throwing Cup. But in the year 2019, he had to be satisfied with the bronze medal in the World Championships.

Johannes Vetter threw the javelin for the longest distance of about 97.6 meters in this game of javelin throw, his best performance. But it could not last in front of Neeraj Chopra in the Tokyo Olympics and he threw only two fouls out of his three attempts.

Some interesting facts about Neeraj Chopra

  • Neeraj Chopra failed to qualify for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games even after recording a record.
  • Neeraj Chopra was training in Germany under renowned javelin throw coach Vernal Daniels and has also trained under Uwe Hohn.
  • Neeraj Chopra is the fourth person after Milkha Singh , Krishna Pania and Vikas Gowda to win a gold medal at the Commonwealth Games.
  • Neeraj Chopra used to train his game while holding the post of Subedar. He had to help his family financially, that’s why he was recruited in the army and he was also happy to be in this post. Because till date no one in his family was in government job.
  • Neeraj Chopra said during an interview that he learned early education of javelin throw by watching retirement check tracks and YouTube videos.

Awards rained down on Neeraj Chopra after winning the Olympics

As we all know that Neeraj Chopra gave the best performance in Tokyo Olympics and won the gold medal by getting first place in the final round. As soon as Neeraj Chopra returns to India after winning the match in Tokyo Olympics, he is being given various types of awards by the state governments of India.

The Haryana State Government has decided to give about ₹ 6,00,00,000 to this young man from Haryana and not only by the state of Haryana but also by many state governments of the country. Neeraj Chopra has been awarded a huge reward by the Haryana State Government as well as the Punjab State Government. The Punjab State Government has given an award of about Rs 2 crore to Neeraj Chopra.

Not only this, Neeraj Chopra has been given some amount by providing assistance to different teams of the country, in this context a reward of one crore rupees has been given by the BCCI and the franchise Chennai Super King. Not only this, the Government of India has also announced that Neeraj Chopra will be given a government job at a good post.

Anand Mahindra, the owner of the country’s well-known company Mahindra, announced that as soon as Neeraj Chopra returns to India, he will gift the XUV700 to him.

Neeraj Chopra has also been given this opportunity that whenever he needs to take a plot, he will get a concession of up to 50% in that plot. Not only this, despite all this, Neeraj Chopra will be made the head of the Athletes Center to be built in Panchkula.

Byju’s online learning platform has announced a reward of Rs 2 crore for Neeraj in the joy of winning the gold medal.

Neeraj Chopra dedicates his achievement to Flying Sikh Milkha Singh

After achieving the historic victory in the Tokyo Olympics, he dedicated his achievement to India’s famous athlete Milkha Singh , paying attention to him. Flying Sikh Milkha Singh had brought a huge opportunity for the people in the field of athletes, he was one such athlete from India who also inspired the people a lot.

Neeraj Chopra decided to dedicate his achievement to Flying Sikh Milkha Singh and dedicated his achievement to Flying Sikh Milkha Singh.

BCCI announces awards to be given to winners in Tokyo Olympics

The BCCI has announced to give awards to the players playing in the Tokyo Olympics on their return to India. The BCCI will award the Tokyo Olympics players according to their medals, all these prizes will be in the form of cash, the details of which are as follows:

  • 10000000 rupees will be given to gold medalist Neeraj Chopra.
  • Silver medal winners Ravi Dahiya and Mirabai Chanu will be given Rs 50 lakh each.
  • 25 lakh each to Bajrang Punia , PV Sindhu and Lovlina Borgohain , who won the Branch Medal .
  • The Indian Hockey team that wins the Branch Medal will be given a prize of about Rs 1.25 crore.

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