Sachin Tendulkar Biography

Sachin Tendulkar was born on 24 April 1973 at Nirmal Nursing Home in Dadar, Mumbai. Sachin Tendulkar’s father Ramesh Tendulkar was the most famous novelist of Maharashtra and his mother Rajni was an insurance agent. His father named him Sachin after Sachin Dev Burman, his favorite music director. Sachin is the youngest of his 4 brothers and sisters, his elder brothers Nitin and Ajit followed by his sister Savita.

Sachin Tendulkar childhood

Sachin spent some of his childhood years in the Sahitya Sehwas Co-operative Housing Society in Banda East. Sachin was the exact opposite in his childhood as compared to the present, as he loved to fight in school or bully first time kids in school.

In his teens, Sachin was a huge fan of John McEnroe, one of America’s leading tennis players. Ajit got rid of Sachin’s mischievous nature with great difficulty and insisted on showing him interest in cricket in the year 1984. He introduced Sachin to Ramakant Achrekar, the most famous club cricketer of his time as well as a great coach. Ramakant Achrekar used to practice cricket at Shivaji Park in Dadar.

Achrekar noticed Sachin’s talent, which he liked very much, after which he asked Sachin to leave Shardashram Vidyamandir (English) Secondary School and take admission in his school, which was located in Dadar itself. The school was at the top of the local cricket troupe and at that time, many famous cricketers had emerged from here. Prior to this, Sachin studied at the Indian Education Society’s New English School in Bandra East.

Cricket journey begins

Achrekar started making Sachin practice before school in the morning and after school in the evening. Tendulkar used to practice for four hours and whenever he got tired, Achrekar would put a one rupee coin on the top of the stump to tempt Sachin. After keeping the rupee, Achrekar would say that if he could not get him out, then that coin would be his and thus Sachin won 13 coins from him, which even today Sachin considers his most invaluable asset. To give more time to practice, Sachin decided to live with his uncle and aunt, who lived near Shivaji Park.

Sachin’s childhood greatness

Sachin was considered a great kid in school and became a common topic of discussion in Mumbai’s cricket circles. He was one of the most talented players in his school’s team known as Matunga Gujarati Seva Mandal Shield. Sachin was able to make a mark in school cricket as well as club cricket and also performed in the prestigious Kanga League. Sachin’s first club was the John Bright Cricket Club, which later transformed into the Cricket Club of India (CCI).

Sachin attended the MRF Pace Foundation in Madras at the age of 14 to practice becoming a fast bowler. However, Dennis Lillee who was leading the proceedings was not impressed with the young kid’s bowling and asked Sachin to focus on his batting. At this time Sachin was not able to win the Mumbai Cricket Association’s Best Junior Cricketer Award, so he was upset, but he was given Mr. Sunil Gavaskar ‘s award.Found a pair of K Ultra Light Pads, in which it was written that he himself had not won the award at this age. In an effort to tap young talent, he also said that he has proved himself to be very good as a cricketer. After breaking Gavaskar’s record of 34th Test century, Sachin said that his words of that time have proved to be probably the biggest encouragement for me.

First experience of international cricket

Sachin got his first exposure to international cricket when he appeared as a substitute for Imran Khan’s team in an exhibition game, as it was held at the Brabourne Stadium in Mumbai as part of the CCI’s Golden Jubilee celebrations. Sachin also used to practice at this place. When the World Cup semi-final match between India and England was played in Mumbai in the year 1987, Sachin played the role of a bowler.

First glimpse of his talent

The year 1988 was an extraordinary season for Sachin, as he scored a century in every match that took place. Sachin’s former friend and Team India colleague Vinod Kambli, together with Vinod Kambli, scored an unbeaten 664 runs against St. Xavier’s High School in the Lord’s Harris Shield Interschool Competition. Tendulkar scored 326 runs in that match and scored more than 1000 runs in that tournament. Sachin’s dominance was such that the opposition used to shy away from playing matches with him and those times were really painful for a bowler. Their partnership remained unbroken till 2006, when some U-13 batsmen participated in the match held in Hyderabad.

He says that every morning describes a new day and it was perfect for Sachin. Hard-working and hard-working as well as indomitable natural talent and run-hungry young Mumbaikar (Sachin) did a great job as he was selected in the match against Pakistan at the age of 16 and Pakistan strong fast bowling. Because of the U.S. attack, it was one of the most dangerous teams of the time. Sachin had made a different identity from the rest of the players of that tour.

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