Scientific Reasons Why Temple have Ringing Bells

Whenever you go to visit a temple, you must ring the bell hanging outside the temple. But do you know why this bell hangs outside the temple and why enter the temple only after ringing it? If not, then let us tell you today the religious and scientific reasons and importance of ringing the bell. But before knowing this, you have to know that how many types of temple bells are there.

Types Of Temple Bells In Hindi

  1. Garuda Ghanti: Small in size, these bells are mostly rung by holding them in the hands of home temples.
  2. Door bell: Although these bells are mostly installed at the entrance of the temple, but they can also be installed in the temple of the house. They are of both small and big sizes.
  3. Hand bell: This bell, used in the olden times, was like a round plate which was beaten with a wooden stick. Mostly this plate was made of brass. Now the circulation of this bell has reduced.
  4. Bell: The size of the bell is very large, so the sound of ringing it goes for many kilometers. The bell is often placed at the entrance of the temple or a little before the gate.

Why are bells installed in the temple?

According to the experts, the bell in the temple is installed not only for religious reason but also for scientific reason. The loud sound of the bell creates vibrations in the atmosphere, which destroys the bacteria and micro-organisms present in the air and also purifies the atmosphere. It is said that the place where the bell rings regularly, that place always remains pure and holy and no negative energy can enter there.

Religious importance of ringing the bell

  • The meaning of ringing the bell is to mark your presence in front of the deity. It is said that ringing the bell brings consciousness to the idols of the deities installed in the temple, which makes the worship more fruitful and effective.
  • The sound of the bell awakens spiritual feelings in the mind. It is written in the scriptures that by ringing the bell a person becomes free from sin. However, it also depends on your actions.
  • According to the Puranas, the bell is the symbol of the sound that resounded at the time of the creation of the universe. That’s why even today when a child is born in a house or a new work is started, happiness is expressed by ringing a bell.

Health Benefits Of Temple Bell

  • Although there are many types of bells available in the market, but if you ring a bell made of cadmium, zinc, nickel, chromium and magnesium, then the sound produced by it will maintain balance in both the right and left parts of your brain.
  • When the sound of the bell echoes, all the 7 healing centers of the body get activated and your mind starts to calm down.
  • The sound of the bell gives a special kind of positive energy and power to the mind, brain and body.

According to experts, evidence is also found in the Puranas and scriptures that in the coming times, when there will be annihilation, a similar sound will echo because in the Puranas, the bell or bell outside the temple is also considered a symbol of time.

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